Elli, Chief Fetch Officer (CFO)

Tasha Lyn Cosimo, Attorney

Elli has made a career of her impeccable fetching skills. From a young age, she has been able to retrieve even the most fast-moving and long-distance balls that have been thrown her way. She is always up for the task of catching even the most challenging ball throws, and is a re-launch specialist; always bringing the ball back to its original position.

An ultimate empath and lover of all species, Elli’s passion for being close to and understanding others led her to pursue a degree in Cuddles from the University of Benevolence. Her contribution of her unique smile to everyone she encounters is a direct reflection of her practice in the fine art of affection.

When she’s not making everyone around her feel loved, she likes to socialize and learn from anyone willing to give her a moment of their time, letting each person know how much she appreciates their attention. She also loves to enjoy the great outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her sister, Gaia.