Tax Planning

What is an estate tax?

Am I subject to the estate tax?

Is a tax assessed when I make a gift?

Can I make annual gifts to my children and grandchildren without incurring gift taxes?

Tax law is considered one of the most challenging areas of the law, one that touches personal and business finances, estate administration, and so much more.  Done well, tax planning in your estate plan can minimize your overall estate tax burden leaving more assets available to your loved ones upon death.   It also requires a thorough understanding of the tax implications of making lifetime gifts, loans or naming an individual as beneficiary of your IRA, 401k or other qualified retirement plan.  At Caress Law, we review all your assets and perform detailed analysis regarding the potential tax effect of any given action so that you can make an informed decision that bests suit your needs and the needs of your family.

To understand your tax options, come to Caress Law. We’ll identify opportunities for the most advantageous tax treatment for your family, business, or estate.


Small-business owners juggle a myriad of responsibilities – and determining the most appropriate and protective business structure is likely at the bottom of their to-do lists.

Let Caress Law help. We’ll assess your business needs, provide guidance on the most appropriate and advantageous organizational structure for your business, and then prepare the specific documentation required. Owners can get on with doing what they do best, secure in the knowledge that their business operations are structured effectively, and protectively.


The specific challenges facing family-owned and small- sized businesses — including corporate structure, and succession and tax planning — can be daunting. A creative, engaged law firm can be an immense help.

At Caress Law, we assist business owners create effective long-term planning for their exit strategy. Whether selling your business or otherwise transferring it to the next generation, you will find legal counsel at Caress Law attuned to your needs and priorities, and with a rich understanding of the most advantageous income, gift, and estate tax savings strategies.


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