The IRS has launched a new pilot program this tax filing season called Direct File, and you’re in luck because Washington is one of the 12 states participating this year! This program allows you to file your federal tax return electronically and directly with the IRS for free, for those who qualify. 

What is IRS Direct File?

Direct File is a new program designed to make filing federal taxes more straightforward and accessible, especially for those with uncomplicated tax situations. Here are some of the key features:

  • Free to Use: No fees are associated with filing through Direct File.
  • Simple and Mobile-Friendly: The program’s user-friendly design guides you step-by-step through the filing process. For ultimate convenience, you can even access it from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Focuses on Simplicity: While it helps calculate your refund or taxes owed, it’s ideal for taxpayers with straightforward tax situations, like those who receive W-2 income and claim the standard deduction. 

Why Choose Direct File Over Traditional Methods?

The biggest reason to choose the new Direct File, is because it is completely free to file compared to tax preparation services like TurboTax or hiring an accountant. Everything is done electronically and is accessible from your phone, eliminating the need for paperwork or appointments with an accountant. Plus filing directly with the IRS ensures your information stays secure within a government system.

Are There Any Limitations?

Direct File is only going to be suitable for some, and seeing if you qualify will take a few questions answered on the website. If your tax situation is relatively straightforward, and you typically claim the standard deduction and receive W-2 income, Direct File may be a perfect fit for you to file your federal taxes for free this year. It will likely not be a fit if your tax situation involves complexities like investment income, self-employment income, or itemized deductions.

As always, seek qualified instruction and consult with a knowledgeable accountant if you have any questions on whether IRS Direct File suits your tax filing situation.

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