Digital Estate Planning: The Importance of Planning for Your Virtual World

By |2021-07-26T08:15:42-07:00July 26th, 2021|Estate Planning, Power of Attorney|

We live in a digital world, where almost everyone has an online presence, as well as multiple passwords across multiple platforms. Even to simply sign on to a computer or cell phone normally requires some sort of password...with an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and a special character involved. By including digital assets in [...]

7 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan

By |2021-06-30T07:16:06-07:00June 30th, 2021|Estate Planning|

One of the biggest mistakes that someone can make in terms of estate planning is not updating their plan after certain life events. There are several common life situations that may require you to update your estate plan: You moved to another state. Estate planning laws vary state by state. Make sure that when [...]

Top Four Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

By |2021-05-28T15:47:23-07:00May 28th, 2021|Estate Planning|

When it comes to estate planning, even the smallest error can cost you. It’s not just your life’s work that is at stake, but your family’s long-term well-being and, in the worst of cases, your family unity. Oversights in your estate plan may not only be costly but can also provoke irreparable conflict among loved [...]

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