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Join us as Caress Law answers common estate settlement and probate questions and clarifies the process of settling an estate upon a loved one’s death.

Please gather your family and tune in to this educational virtual workshop: Roles & Relationships: The Estate Executor, Power of Attorney Agent & Healthcare Representative

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn about the roles of each family member in planning and administering your estate, and have important conversations about the future. This workshop ensures that everyone in your family will understand their role. 

Gather your family and learn more about the roles of estate executor, power of attorney agent, and/or healthcare representative from attorneys Tammi M. Caress and Tasha Lyn Cosimo—at absolutely no cost to you. You will learn the responsibilities, what power they have, how to save the estate money, and—most importantly—how to protect each other.

Gain access to our FREE virtual workshop: Roles & Relationships: The Estate Executor, Power of Attorney Agent & Healthcare Representative


What responsibilities does an estate executor have?


What responsibilities does a power of attorney agent have and when?


What powers does a healthcare representative have, and when?


What is a trustee, and what powers does a trustee have?


How to save money when administering an estate or trust


How to protect yourself as an estate executor or trustee

Register for this free workshop! Learn your role and responsibilities as personal representative and trustee, and help your deceased loved one’s legacy live on for a long time to come.

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