We live in a digital world, where almost everyone has an online presence, as well as multiple passwords across multiple platforms. Even to simply sign on to a computer or cell phone normally requires some sort of password…with an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and a special character involved. By including digital assets in your estate plan, you can ensure your family will have access to important online information, as well as a plan for how to handle said information, and your online accounts.

If you were to become incapacitated or pass away, your estate plan would help create a comprehensive plan for your family to follow, as well as provide you with a peaceful state of mind knowing that your social media profiles will be handled in accordance with your wishes, and that access issues don’t become an impediment to the process of settling your estate.

Protecting Your Assets

A digital estate plan can help protect your assets from identity theft, fraud, or hacking. Through digital estate planning, you can ensure that the executor of your estate has the means to verify and secure your digital assets.

Protecting Your Estate

We live in an increasingly digital world. There’s a good chance that you can obtain important documents through an online portal or account. By making your digital estate plan an important part of your trust and will, you can ensure your family and friends will have access to the latest and most up-to-date information needed, should tragedy strike.

How To Set up a Digital Estate Plan

Since our digital assets and online presence are such a huge part of our lives, we recommend taking the following steps when planning your estate:

    • Take inventory of all digital assets
    • Decide where you want assets to go (and what you want deleted/deactivated)
    • Appoint a digital executor
    • Secure your Digital Estate Plan and make sure it’s legally binding

Working with an estate planning attorney is a great way to ensure this is done properly, and as privately as possible.

To learn more about digital estate planning, don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated team at Caress Law either by calling (503) 292-8990 or using the contact form on our website. Caress Law, PC also offers a Family Protector Program, which is a monthly program designed to ensure your family is protected now, and in the future. Contact us to learn more about this valuable program.

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