Portland, OR (12 February 2024) – Caress Law, PC announced today that it will merge with Schneider Rasche, LLC, effective February 12, 2024. The firms will operate under the unified brand of Caress Law, PC.

This merger marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional legal services and comprehensive support to our clients. By combining the strengths, resources, and expertise of both firms, we aim to enhance the client experience and further our mission of safeguarding our clients’ legacies and interests.

Throughout the merger process, both firms are dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition for clients and families, enabling them to continue receiving exceptional legal services as they progress from estate planning to estate administration. All current and former clients of Schneider Rasche, LLC will benefit from the comprehensive support of the Caress Law, PC team, which now includes Benjamin Rasche, now and in the years ahead.

During the transition, clients can expect business as usual. With the combined experience, expertise, and resources of both firms, we are dedicated to maintaining uninterrupted service and minimal disruption to ongoing client relationships and legal matters.\

On February 12, 2024, the Schneider Rasche, LLC office at 2455 NW Marshall St #11, Portland, OR 97210, will permanently close as our staff relocates to our new office, conveniently located at:

Caress Law, PC
9400 SW Barnes Rd, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97225

We understand the importance of communication during this transition period. Should you have any inquiries regarding the merger, please contact Caress Law, PC:

Caress Law, PC
Email: clientservices@caresslaw.estate
Phone: (503) 292-8990



Founded in 2013 by attorney Tammi Caress, Caress Law, PC is a boutique law firm based in Portland, Oregon. The firm specializes in estate planning, probate, and trust administration, offering personalized legal solutions for individuals and families throughout the region. With a commitment to compassionate and effective legal representation, Caress Law, PC is dedicated to helping clients achieve all their estate planning goals.

For more information, visit https://caresslaw.estate/

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